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As a service provider using the Razzn Video application you are able to get tipped by your clients within the app by receiving in-app currency called "Sapphires". Sapphires can be converted to US Dollars by logging into your account on this website (click the "Login Now" button at the end of the page or the Razzn Video logo at the top of the page).

Conversion Rate

Razzn Video will always payout at least 60% of what is spent by your clients during conversion. Our initial costs are higher due to higher rates charged for in-app purchases by the Apple and Google App Stores to newer apps. Over time these rates will be lowered, and will result in higher conversion rates for service providers.

The table below shows the latest conversion rates of Sapphires to US Dollars.

Number of Sapphires Conversion Rate
Less than 500 1 Sapphire = $0.60 USD
More than 500 1 Sapphire = $0.65 USD

How do you get Paid?

The only method of payment currently supported is Paypal. Simply add the email address connected to your Paypal account after you login, to setup payments. We are working to add new payment methods in the future, this page will indicate when new payment methods are available.

Payments are processed each week on Thursdays, and should show up in your Paypal account by the following Monday (NOTE: Delays may occur due to bank holidays). If you submit sapphires to be converted on a Wednesday, expect to see the resulting currency in your Paypal account the following Monday.

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